Conference Reviews

See what people are saying about our conference.

“This conference continues to catch the spirit and sheer delight of becoming and being a writer!”
Jan M., Denver, Colorado

“This is one of the best one-day conferences I’ve ever been to!  Refreshing.  Inspirational.  Helpful.”
Susan, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Whether you are a beginning writer, thinking about writing, or multi-published, you’re sure to find something new at this conference.  Founded on the desire to speak equally to craft and spirit, this one-day seminar will refresh and encourage.”

“The Writers on the Rock Conference surprised and delighted me.  The emphasis on creativity, grace, and freedom was unexpected and welcome, and it’s a great place for writers of any level to find encouragement.”

“I walked into the Writers on the Rock Conference feeling a little anxious and not sure I belonged  By the end I was confident I could go home and write my book!  I’ve been writing ever since.”
Pam N., Golden, Colorado

“The Writers on the Rock Conference didn’t just challenge me as a writer, it challenged me as a Christian.  It was like getting a writer’s retreat and spiritual retreat for the price of one.  I’d highly recommend it.”
Ellen, Longmont, Colorado

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