Where LA draws actors and Nashville musicians

—Denver is becoming a magnet for writers.


With hundreds of Christian writers calling Colorado home, a small group felt the need to connect Christian writers of every genre. We began monthly meetings and bonded over the written word and our desire to cultivate our God-given gifts.

We had our first conference in 2015, expecting a few friends to attend. When more than 160 writers registered, we were shocked. Our second conference in 2016 equally surprised us. Writers on the Rock attracted people who had never been to a conference before, now listening to and learning alongside other authors.

Dozens of books, hundreds of articles, and countless lives are being changed as a result of Writers on the Rock monthly meetings and annual conferences.

From personal memoirs, blogs, fiction and non-fiction books, and publishing, from curious beginners to seasoned pros—our writers represent a diversity of purpose and a unity of heart.

We believe that God can change the world and as his scribes, we want to use our gifts.

Writers on the Rock welcomes all writers! Come as you are, with your desire and your gift—and you’ll find a community of friends.


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